Investing in Wellbeing Counts 


To have every business growing successfully through its motivated stakeholding workforce


To equip employees with the knowledge and skills to enhance performance and successfully manage the demands of the modern workplace


In today’s fast-paced world of competitive workplaces and turbulent economic conditions, each of us is searching for effective strategies that can help us manage, adapt, and strike out ahead of the pack. It only takes a small advantage to get the competitive winning edge. Evolution demonstrates survival for those who adapt. Our new century is time-stressed, financially pressurized placing significant psychological demands on employees. We need to retain the human capacity to reflect on our leadership and our response to an ever-changing environment.

Keeping ourselves physically, emotionally and cognitively fit will help us approach those demands with flexibility and stamina.

What’s in it for your business?


In our current environment employees who perform at their optimum are those, who amongst other things, can manage poor physical, emotional and cognitive wellbeing in their professional and personal lives; they negate those negative impacts while performing the array of tasks and complexities that modern business demands.

Current research suggests that many successful enterprises have enhanced their effectiveness by strategically managing the talent within their organisation and thereby increasing employee motivation and engagement.  A happy workforce is paramount, and companies willing to engage with the wellbeing of their employees have a competitive advantage.


Satisfied Clients


Better Energy

The brain alone consumes up to 20 % of your daily energy. We will show you how to enhance and use that energy.

Stress Recovery

A Scientific Assessment to measure stress and strategically enable recovery.

Greater Focus

Greater Focus starts with Awareness. Awareness starts with you.

Strength Based Work

We help you build productivity based on your talents, your stengths and refocusing any weaknesses.

Greater Engagement

We remind you that the WHO is more important than the WHAT.

Better Problem Solving Skills

It’s not about having the right answers. Better problem solving comes from asking better questions.



Wellness Accountant’s Programs are designd to meet the Outer World’s Demands with Inner World’s Resources.

What Others Say..



“We are very glad we’ve included Anna’s work to our leadership day. Each person rated this session 5/5 and wanted more time with her.” 

Public Sector Manager, Amazon Web Services

“After the initial 2 week period, I have noticed a significant difference in my attention span during meetings and whilst developing documentation /reports which has increased my overall work output. I also have an increase in energy levels and feel less pressure/tension during the day, and look forward to getting out of the office and going for a walk. “ Project Manager,


We engaged Anna to present at an event for Young Chartered Accountants and she was fantastic. Anna is a wonderful leader: she goes above what is expected, gives people the opportunity to grow and shows immense empathy. Anna brings  wonderful energy to the work that she does, and I highly recommend her for both wellness coaching and speaking engagements.

Myee Gregory, Relationship Manager

Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand

The best part of Anna’s session was the explanation of mindfulness and the practical experientials; we learned how to distress and leave the day behind.

Head of HR, UTS

Looking after your health and wellbeing is so important – because of the stigma attached with mental health (still), people are still so quiet in promoting simple things like meditation and stress relief. We gained an understanding on the importance of looking after your mental health and the  best part of Anna’s session was mediation practices.

Samantha Taylor, HR. Travelex 

“Thank you  Anna for providing our team with an extremely informative wellness session. It was a great chance for us to step away from our desks and gain some fantastic knowledge about the underlying causes of stress along with some important tools to put in place in order to avoid the potential problems associated with stress. The team definitely left the session feeling lighter than when we walked in! We look forward to our next session.

Lauren Kavanagh

Yum! Restaurants International

“Through a client of mine I heard about Anna and her wellness coaching business. I had been reluctant to try this sort of thing especially being in the male macho construction industry. But as a business owner myself, who was struggling with a successful work-life balance and being through quite a stressful period business wise, I decided to take the plunge. What a great decision that first step was. After a few consultations, Anna opened my eyes to some easy mindful practices to help me feel more in control of my business and life, which in turn flowed onto a happier work environment. As a result I felt I had more time for myself, family, friends and my business. My business has doubled in size from the time I started with Anna and I thank Anna for being there throughout the last 2 years. I can’t thank her enough and highly recommend her services to all types of SME Businesses.”

Matt Carle

Managing Director, Constellations Services


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